About Us

4 Founders Profile Design Earrings and Accessories

Hi! Welcome to Sundree.

We are Ashley, Kelsie, Chelsee, and Haley, a group of 4 best friends from high school with verrry similar names from the 90’s. (Thanks, mom!) We live between 1 and 8 hours apart and frequently try to devise a plan so we can all be neighbors, or at least live in the same town someday. Between us, we have 9 kids - ages four and under so our days are busy wiping sticky faces and keeping them fed & happy, and our nights are spent chatting with each other and binge watching TV shows. (We’re always open to any suggestions you have!)

We’ve been using accessories to express ourselves in every stage of life. We wore hair clips as college students to feel put together for our 8am class. We put on cute socks with our dresses to make working an office job feel cute, even when they were tucked under the desk all day. We wrap scarves around our messy buns to dress up our hair that’s probably caked with a lot of dry shampoo because what’s a shower when you have young kids, anyway? And of course no date night is complete without wearing the perfect pair of earrings to take the outfit from good to glam.

We want Sundree to be a place where women of all sizes, budgets, and stages of life can come and find a piece that will help you express yourself, through what you wear. Each of us is unique and beautiful, and we hope you feel that way when wearing your little Sundree.

We really hope these little things brighten your big life.